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Justin Bulova represents Grades of Green on 102.7 KIIS FM

"Grades Of Green

GRADES OF GREEN is changing the course of the future by instilling environmental values in students today. Grades of Green began in 2008 at Grand View Elementary in California by four moms wanting a better world for their children. After receiving an award from the EPA, the founders created a non-profit so that other schools would have free and easy access to the tools and information needed to empower and inspire students to care for the environment.Grades of Green offers 40+ Grades of Green Activities aimed to instill environmental values in students. Whether you want to concentrate on conserving air, energy, waste, water, or toxins, Grades of Green has an array of Activities that will help protect the environment today while instilling environmental values in students for years to come.

Justin Bulova (Communications Associate) "


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