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Justin Bulova Proud to Join the Grades of Green Team

"Justin is a Communications Contractor at Grades of Green, where he develops and manages media strategy, communications collateral, public relations and social media efforts for the organization. Heavily involved in public service since high school and determined to pursue his passion for community advocacy, Justin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Business Administration from Wagner College. As an intern with Marc’s JCH of Bensonhurst, Justin assisted immigrants as they filed for social services. His research at JCH led him to write ‘America Needs to Make a SNAPy Comeback,’ which was ultimately published by Wagner College.

Justin earned a Master’s degree in Election and Campaign Management from Fordham University. During his time there he worked with New York Assembly Members, State Senators, City Council Members, and political candidates to deliver their message to constituents. Justin’s knack for nurturing relationships with members at every level of a community and true passion for tangible change led him to work with Grades of Green.

It was in graduate school that Justin realized in order to make lasting change, there needs to be understanding, and understanding comes from education. Simply put, if more people understood the environmental impact of their actions, they would take simple measures to conserve our natural resources.

Justin is a fitness enthusiast, and currently training for his first Triathlon. A former Hockey player, Justin is focused on bringing the same energy that makes him a great athlete into advocating for a greener future."


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