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Grades Of Green Environmental Contest Featured in Gazettes

"An important step in environmental conservation is education, so it's fitting that a conservation program would focus primarily on student outreach.

That's according to Justin Bulova, communications contractor for the Manhattan Beach-based nonprofit Grades of Green.

Founded in 2007, Grades of Green was initially a small group of volunteers who helped direct small conservation programs and events at Grand View Elementary School in Manhattan Beach. In 2008, the nonprofit was awarded the EPA's Environmental Award for their efforts. It wasn't long before the organization's Waste Campaign program expanded, first nationally, then overseas.

"Really quickly, people were realizing that we needed a program like this," Bulova said. "It just caught on."

Now, each year the nonprofit hosts a contest where students from around the world learn about specific acts of environmental conservation — like cleaning up trash in their neighborhoods or ways to offer more affordable and sustainable school lunches — and then they create a short video presentation that illustrates what they learned and how they might try to implement their ideas.

The grand prize is a $1,000 Eco Grant that goes toward the winner's green endeavor. Six other prizes include $500 grants for innovative ideas and best community change-makers."


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